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Hang Gliding returns to Miami! Since the beginning of time, humans have dreamed of the freedom of flight. That dream is now reality, and now you can experience it in its purest form with Hang Glide Miami. We are the only company that provides the opportunity to experience hang gliding in Miami.


Carve through the air, above the crystal blue waters of Biscayne Bay, in one the safest adventure sports. Hang Gliding is a dynamic experience that can be as peaceful or exhilarating as you desire. Glide peacefully through the air with a bird’s eye view, or spiral through the sky for a thrill that tops that of any roller coaster in the world. From the air you will see and feel what only birds can, and take in breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, the Miami Skyline, the marine life and the colors of the water.

About the Experience

Using a proven and safe system, you and your instructor will launch from a boat, which will tow you several thousand feet above the water. Once you reach your altitude, the glider is released from the line and you will fly free and untethered, to experience what Man has dreamed for centuries, landing in the water below. Note: swimsuits and sun protection are strongly recommended. You will get wet, but that’s part of the fun! For more on this amazing sport, check out or video and photos of hang gliding in Miami.

Experiencing the thrill of flight

Experiencing the thrill of flight

Where to find us

We are located at 3400 Pan American Drive in Coconut Grove:

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For more information, or to book your flight, call us today at 305-440-6720, or send us a message using the form below. Please note: boarding fee for non-flying participants is $15.00.

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